Bills of Quantities 

CS2 has a wealth of experience in producing bills of quantities for clients, contractors and developers. 

Bills of quantities are equally effective whether detailed pre-tender design and specification is available or whether the information simply comprises planning drawings and employer’s requirements. CS2 produce itemised bills of quantities in a format to suit each client’s needs and these bills provide many benefits to the client.

CS2 Service 

  • CS2’s bills of quantities provide ‘like for like’ tender returns to enable simple analysis and establish the preferred contractor.
  • CS2’s bills of quantities ensure that tender levels are very competitive as the contractor does not carry a high level of risk.
  • Fully priced bills of quantities provide all the information necessary to extract maximum value during value engineering.
  • A high degree of cost certainty is achieved with a clearly defined contract sum and a priced bill of quantities to manage the costs of any post-contract variation works.