Responsible Business Practice

CS2 is committed to responsible business practice; the recognition of our interconnection with the communities in which we operate, the employees we depend upon, the environment from which we draw our resources and the marketplace in which we participate.

We strive to provide accountability and transparency through:

  • Reflection on actual business impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Responsible business practices through integrated and inclusive management processes
  • Resilience through transparency, trust, adaptability and innovation

CS2 focus on the following elements of responsible business practice.

  • Sustainability: The environmental impact of CS2’s operations and services including those of our suppliers. Read more about Sustainability
  • Community/social: The impact of CS2’s projects and services on the community and how we can give back to communities at a local level
  • Workplace practices: The respectful treatment of employees in matters related to recruitment and selection, diversity and equal opportunity, work/life balance and professional development and progression.